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    "Hello, and welcome to the Welcome Centre. We are here to help newcomers to the island to understand where it is they are and what is going on as we know it, as well as providing them the resources that we can and they need.

    We advise that you take one of the welcome pamphlet provided by Shun Aonuma that covers the basics of the island, and also a welcome kit first started by departed otherworlder Jane Maxwell and now kindly provided by the staff of restaurant 'From The Hearth'. Both of these are free, but please only take one of the kits.

    Due to the many differences between our worlds, we are here not only to support you through your arrival but also as you adjust to the culture and technology to be found here. We also provide assistance to proper professionals when it comes to concerns regarding dietary and health needs.

    Anyone is free to come and relax, and the kitchen is open to use as long as you remember to clear up after yourself and do not abuse it.

    Please do not hesitate to ask any of our staff questions you may have and we will do what we can to support you.

    ~ The Welcome Centre Team"

The Welcome Centre is located close to the Tree of Memories on the Market Square, and is as the name suggests a building to welcome otherworlders when they arrive and to help them get adjusted to the new world. The establishment was first put together by otherworlder Lu Meng along with various natives. It houses Shun Aonuma's pamphlets and the welcome kits, and also a book that gives a basic overview of Empatheias and the world below, compiled by natives.

There is also a board where people can put up job offers and classes.

Welcome Center Layout

The Welcome Centre opens into a spacious lobby that offers multiple places to sit (a few private tables, a larger group table, a couch, and a fireplace to keep warm at), as well as a desk to go which will be staffed by someone who can assist you depending on your need. Newspapers will be usually available as well as a free magazines and books donated.

There is an up to date map available on the wall, as well as a list of otherworlder-run businesses and native businesses looking for part-time or full-time employment, a for-sale board, as well as a dedicated corner for people to advertise as they please for free (holding a feel good party? Advertise here!)

Outdated copies of the Newcomer Pamphlets by Shun Aonuma can be picked up from the front desk of the lobby and from the arranged stacks on the table, and the Information Guide can be read here, but not taken.

The above mentioned Welcome Kits can also be obtained from the front desk of the lobby. Each welcome kit is essentially a goody bag, and is filled with a first aid kit, a blanket, various coupons, a bottle of water, and little money (enough to buy a hot meal). A small card attached to each bag say, "Jane Maxwell Welcome Kits, provided by From the Hearth," and on the back of the card are directions to From the Hearth, a restaurant focused on cuisine from other worlds.

To the left of the lobby is a reading room that also acts as a classroom. While there are weekly lessons provided by the welcome centre itself, people can rent the room (for a small price) to hold their own lessons once agreed. Books in the reading room centre on the history of the island, the advancement of its technology, and other documents related to discoveries connected to the otherworlders that can also be found in the public library.

To the right of the lobby is a dining room. Cooking Classes will be hosted twice a week on Tuesday and Friday, teaching simple dishes that use readily available ingredients within the city.

Taking the stairs will lead to the temporary dorms, intended to house newcomers that are in need of help adjusting to living in Empatheias and thus unable to move into a home of their own. The centre's bathrooms are also located on this floor and are open to the public.

The door on the left leads to the Welcome Centre's office; this room is off-limits to the public. Volunteers and Full-time staff only.

( Tileset credit: Sofas, Blackboard and School desks)


As part of an effort to help otherworlders to adjust to living in Empatheias, classes are offered at the welcome centre. Interested natives can also join the classes as well.. Current available classes are:

  • Dunamis basics, covering Stage 1 and Stage 2 of Dunamis. Held on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Teacher: Kevin Black.
  • Technology, history and culture of Empatheias. Held on Thursday and Sunday nights. Teacher: Albert Eddison.
  • Cooking classes. Held on Tuesday and Friday nights. Teacher: Joanna Cheerall

    The Welcome Centre also allows classes from outside the Welcome Centre to be advertised on the notice board.


    OOCly: People are free to say that they either work full time or as volunteers to the Welcome Centre. Duties mostly include welcoming newcomers or locating them when they arrive, and providing them the help they need in adjusting to their arrival, and letting them know what's available on the island. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to ask them below. You don't need to officially sign up in any way, though it is requested that if you would ICly want to make any changes, please ask!

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