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Arehtei Rituals

Arehtei Rituals

What are the Arehtei Rituals?
    The Arehtei Rituals were first started by Priestess Sanae Kochiya after it was known that Peromei was coming to the island under great despair. It is a way to send an Arehtei positive emotion — appreciation to Aiada, love to Elios, joy to Daimonia, and so on. Negative emotion an also be sent if necessary.

    While these rituals were later put together to boost each of the Arehtei, they now are done to focus on the Arehtei that need it in particular due to being in imbalanced health. At times the option to send positivity to the more stable Arehtei, but a greater precedence shall be given to the suffering Arehtei.

How are the rituals carried out?
    The new version of the session takes less energy to perform, while having similarities to the old one.

    People will gather in one area together and focus upon the needed emotion, usually from a memory or whatever other means help them to. Trained individuals--whether with dunamis or their own magical means--will use a practice of encouraging that emotion within the space and amplifying it just enough to kept it felt, bringing people in a trance-like state for a while. They will be able to experience this emotion for a while, and they will not need to do so strongly. After a certain amount of time has passed, everyone will be eased out of the meditative session and be able to stretch their legs and clear their heads again by receiving food and drink.

    Some side effects may be continuing to feel a linger of the emotion for a hour or so after at most, but they will soon pass.

How to attend a ritual
    A ritual can be requested when it's needed, whether by somebody concerned by an Arehtei's health and with proof (usually, the Calinede Temple shrines will back this up) or a rep. Those who conduct the rituals will be usually dunamis users who are know what they are doing, though it can be taught to PCs should they be interested in learning and know already how to use dunamis well.