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This is an extensive guide on the land of Empatheias and everything currently known. It is regularly updated with any new information discovered and verified, and we encourage anyone to come forward with anything they believe might be of interest. Suggestions of what to add are also welcome.

As this guide is long, please use the table of contents to find yourself to the page that is most relevant to you. We please ask as well that you take care while reading this. For a brief overview, please take one of the pamphlet guides found on the front desk coming in.


  • Empatheias, and the Arrival of Otherworlders

  • Living in Empatheias

  • Calendar and Seasons

  • Amulets and Crystals

  • The City Crystal and Emotional Events

  • The Arehtei

  • Alignments

  • Tree of Memories

  • Dunamis

  • Festivals

  • The World Below, Shaarnath, Areta

  • The War and Purge

  • Timeline of Notable Events

  • The Welcome Centre would like to thank the scribes of the Grand Public Central Library for their assistance in compiling this information for public use. The efforts of Head scribe Mrs Lea and her two assistants, Ms Rinna and Ms Sunny, were crucial to ensure this document was published with accurate and verified information.